Bubbles Before Bed is the first in a series of Belle & Boo To Do Books

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Maya's Book

Faustine & Celestine's Book

Layli's Book


  1. Finally a book that speaks to the senses of all children. Great to-do-book, I wish most publisher would print similar books. Hope a German publisher will bring it out, I am a teacher and know a lot of parents who would like it :-)
    Your photos are really give the reader 'warmth' (mellowness).

  2. Ohhh....I am so totally smitten by this book:)I just purchased it from your shop.I can not wait to start on the little bed,although my daughters are 22 and 19 and probably not going to join me with these crafts LOL...I will certainly have a ball myself at age 44!
    I love paper dolls and so love your art:)
    Many greetings from Holland,